Tim Fosteman - Product Manager - AGXactly | LinkedIn

I am a product developer with history in Precision Agriculture Technology, Healthcare, Knowledge Management, Natural Language Processing, Ai Research and more stuff.

Everyday, I’m pondering: “Does this make any sense ?” and it doesn’t. We can only really connect the dots backwards, right? I hope so.

I hope my expertise may come in handy to some of you checking this page out. I hope I can be helpful in realizing your dream project.

🚀 Cause what else is there to do but to turn chaos to order ?

I fell in love with nature 🌲 of Ontario and binge-watched hours of David Attenborough's BBC documentaries to have fallen in love with life 🦑

⭐️ This lifetime, I'm focusing on contributing to mitigation of climate change 🌆 and avoiding climate disaster ☄️

Far Out






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